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Friday, December 7, 2007

Tasered, Tortured, and Killed - The Black Man In America

Here is a 21st century lynching! Assisted by some stupid ass negros. Where are your liberal white bloggers? Like David Neiwert who like to criticizes Blacks' participation in the hate crimes advocacy. Where are you? Why are you not talking about black folks being Tased why black? Where is the Firedoglake's of the blogger world? the Left Wing bloggers that talk all that garbage about freedom, justice and equality? Where is the congressional Black Caucus? Where is John Lewis? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is Al Sharpton? where is the National Branch of the NAACP? you all make me sick! Who's holding these cops accountable?

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Francis Holland said...

When they tased this guy, it was completely gratuitous. He was already in custody, in the police station. With about eight police officers holding securely every arm and leg and his neck and head, and with his body held prostrate, there was absolutely nothing this man could do.

Why not just throw him in a cell and leave him there? If the goal to was to prevent harm to the arrested man, tasing him certainly didn't accomplish that.

The police obvious waited at least a few and probably several minutes
between the time when they realized he had no pulse and when they began to apply resuscitation. If the police are going to apply 50,000 volt jolts to people, shouldn't they also be required to immediately try to resuscitate them if necessary?

This film is an example of gratuitous tasing and callous disregard for human life. But then, as long as we're considered part of a different "race", we really will not be perceived as human at all.

The 8 Stages of Genocide

I'm concerned that maybe the police are tasing Blacks in a cynical attempt to incite Blacks to start burning police cars.

AAPP said...

Tasers are being used as a cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment which is absolutely prohibited under international law. The UN agrees. It's interesting that the US government will agree with the UN when it wants to over throw a countries leaders, but when it comes to making sure that blacks, latinos and other groups are not treated like this, the US government does not know the UN.

Political Season said...

I'll agree that Francios characterization of the tasering of this brother as unnecessary to bring him under control is correct. However, unless I observed it wrong, once they brought him into the cell, he was still struggling with them and he didn't comply with their command that he stop resisting. It doesn't excuse the cops, but my point is that if black men in America by now don't know that you had better comply with a police officers commands or you are putting your life in danger, I don't know what to say.

I got pulled over once for speeding in a black neighborhood near my mother's house. My girlfriend happened to be following me. It was night time, my car was old and the cops were white. I stopped, got my wallet out, moved slowly and gave the officer every indication that I would comply with his instructions. At one point, my girl, who had parked near by, but in my view, started to get out of her car to approach me and the situation. I vehemently waived her off and thankfully she stayed where she was. Later she asked me why and I told her "woman, you could get me killed. When you dealing with the cops, you comply or you could get dead". Why on earth would this guy keep struggling in that situation. One, you can't fight off 8 cops and two, until you stop, they are not going to stop trying to control you because cops are trained to bring situations under control and compel compliance. Just leaving you alone is not the way they are trained. If you don't comply, they are trained to make you comply. Every black man, and particularly those in contact with the police because they are actually doing something they don't have any business doing, would do well to remember that.