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Saturday, January 12, 2008

police chief sentenced to jail over Taser incident

H/T The Flying Hampster

CORUNNA -- Former Lennon Police Chief Christopher Hall was sentenced to jail, probation and community service today on a charge stemming from an assault on a man with an electroshock weapon.

Shiawassee County Circuit Judge Gerald Lostracco sentenced Hall to 30 months on probation and four months in the Shiawassee County Jail on a count of attempted possession of a Taser, a maximum two-year prison offense.

Lostracco said Hall must serve the first 45 days in jail beginning Monday. The balance of the jail term could be held in abeyance if Hall complies with requirements set by the court.

Hall, 49, was charged in October with two counts of unlawful possess of a Taser, a maximum 4-year felony, steming form an Aug. 14 incident in which he used the device on a man in a patrol car. More HERE

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