Well that is what the WestPort Police department will be doing. Westport News reports, after some initial skepticism, Chief of Police Al Fiore told the Board of Finance last week that he supports Tasers in Westport because the town isn't immune to violence.

A $24,000 proposal for 15 Tasers was approved by the board in a 7-0 vote.

"The funds come out of the assets forfeiture fund," said Fiore. "The money in the fund comes from drug seizures and things like that. The Tasers are less lethal than many other alternatives and temporarily render the person involved incapacitated. This is a safety item for police and the public."

The Tasers for Westport's finest will be equipped with audio/visual recording devices that in police circles are called Taser Cams. This device provides a record of what was going on in case police are in a Taser situation, according to police.

Fiore said that Tasers are used to break up fights and making arrests when there is resistance.

Some Taser Uses

Other typical Taser usage includes:

- When the use of deadly force is justified but an opportunity exists to use the Taser.

- When it is unsafe to get within contact range of the subject.

- If it can be used to maintain order during prison disturbances.

- When it is necessary to subdue vicious animals.

- Use