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Friday, March 28, 2008

11 Year old Florida elementary school Student Tasered by Police

www.wcsh6.com is reporting on an altercation at a Florida elementary school ended with an 11-year-old girl being Tasered by police and sent to the hospital on Thursday. It happened at Moss Park Elementary in Orange County. Authorities said the altercation happened during the school's morning announcements and both the student and the officer were injured.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said the student who was shocked was trying to push another student into oncoming traffic. Other students went to teachers to report the incident.

"There should be guidance counselors. The principal should have been there to calm the child down instead of having an officer do it," parent Cherley Constant said.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said there were a few teachers around.

They said the 11-year-old shoved a desk and chair, started spitting at the teachers and refused to go to the principal's office. "She was crying. She had tears coming down her face. She was bright red," student Taliesin Ploeg said of the girl who got shocked with a Taser gun. Read More HERE


msladydeborah said...

It sounds like this child needed help~that would not be in the form of tasering.

The more stories that I read about tasering~the more convienced I become that there needs to be some form of restriction about use.

I hope that the officers involved in this incident receive some form of reprimand for this. The child may have been out of control~but an 11 year old can be handled even in the middle of a damn tantrum!

Justice said...

I agree, the child definitely has a problem. She is out of control and acts above the school rules and law.

Guidance counselor?

She was committing a crime...shoving students into oncoming traffic! Police officers were highly appropriate.

We need to take back our public schools from the juveniles seeking criminal lifestyles, most likely similar to their parents!

Why do you consider the violators humanity over the victims?

magic555 said...

We need to take back our public schools from the juveniles seeking criminal lifestyles, most likely similar to their parents!

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jana said...

Childrens are worried much about their education, they r finding time to play, parents pressure. These all makes children goes to extreme point. Tasering is required when there is no choice.



Anonymous said...

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