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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Court Cover-up of PoliceTasing Killing in Ohio

As reported on Raw Story

Need I say more? Now it’s come down to official scrubbing the use and abuse of Tasers by law enforcement. From Ohio, a look at where the police state is going.

A Summit County Common Pleas judge ordered the county medical examiner to delete any reference that Tasers contributed to the deaths of three Ohio men.

All three men were in an ‘agitated’ state and ‘on drugs’ when police officers shot them with Tasers, and the judge ordered their deaths be ruled ‘accidental’ also that any reference to “homicide or “electrical pulse stimulation” should be deleted from death certificates and autopsy reports.”

Five sheriff’s deputies had been indicted on charges related to the death of one of the men, who also had a history of mental illness. The judge further ordered that man’s death be ruled as “undetermined” and to “delete any references to homicide and the death possibly being caused by asphyxia, beatings or other factors.”

Wow. Not only the Taser reference is scrubbed, but all the other kinds of abuses common in police brutality cases! My, my. And yes, someone from Taser International had something to say about the ruling. It’s after the jump.

As of mid-April, 68 wrongful-death or injury lawsuits have been dismissed or judgments entered in favor of Taser, according to the company. The company has not lost any product-liability lawsuits.

Expect the deaths and misuse to continue - and we’ll hear less about it if they circle the wagons. Soon we won’t have to worry about humans shooting humans with the release of this weapon of nervous system assault from Taser (it was pulled from its web site once word got out about its portrayal of “the most dangerous subjects” as a big black man). More HERE


being black- Godschildinc. said...

I am tired its 6:37 am and I cannot go to sleep hearing this ----- about the judge, someone needs to gun down his ass and put death by suicide of the slave masters great great grand child. the revolution will not be televised.
they gun us down in the streets , televise it on national television, then say what you witnessed isnt what it appeared to be, as they do what they do to us and televise it , what do you think they do to people in other countries, atrocoties we never get to see, but we feel what those people feel. Then they wonder why 911 happened, it happened because they happen to have f------ with the wrong people and turned their back and thought they forgot. they'll never forget, bet that. but they have'nt learned their lesson, soon shall come.............

being black- Godschildinc. said...

i just read this article at 6:11 am and I am tired. Somebody needs to Kill the Judge and label his death.
Death due to Black rage and label his death a suicide by slave masters great grandchild. and they cant figure why 911 happened,look at what they do to us and at us, now imagine what they do to people in other countries, things we dont see. they'll shot a blackman down in the street,broadcast it on national television, then say you did nt see what you thought you saw. the revolution will not be televised,