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Saturday, October 31, 2009

17 Year Old Tasered For Running From Michigan State Trooper

Trooper uses Taser on fleeing teen

TRAVERSE CITY -- according to the record-eagle.com a Michigan State Police trooper used a Taser to stop a teen girl who ran away from a traffic stop.

Troopers from the Traverse City post attempted to stop a vehicle for erratic driving shortly after 2 a.m. Friday on Milliken Drive near Front Street in Traverse City. The driver refused to stop, and allegedly intentionally sideswiped a state police patrol vehicle that pulled up beside it, police said.

Troopers eventually used a patrol vehicle to force the suspect vehicle against the curb, causing it to stop. The female driver, 17, was arrested for fleeing and eluding and operating while intoxicated. A female passenger, also 17, ran away from police while they conducted sobriety tests on the driver.

A trooper chased, used a Taser on, and subdued the girl, post commander Lt. Bill Elliott said.

"She got a little bit of a head start, (the trooper) was able to close the gap on her but couldn't catch her," Elliott said. "He decided the best way to effect the arrest was to use the Taser."

Elliott said the girl, who is expected to be charged with resisting and obstructing a police officer, wasn't injured.

Elliott contends the officer made the right decision to use the Taser.

"He made the decision to use the Taser, and I support the decision," Elliott said. More HERE


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