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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tasered While Homeless For Riding a Bicycle The Wrong Way

Corpus Christi police have released the name of a man who died last week after being tased and pepper sprayed by Corpus Christi police officers in a southside parking lot. 

It happened to 58-year-old, Herman George Knabe, last Wednesday night. Officers saying they were forced to use those weapons when the man did not cooperate with their efforts to subdue him.  Knabe died Friday at Christus Spohn South after being removed from life support.

As of today, the Medical Examiner, has completed an autopsy but can not determine the cause of death until toxicology reports are in which could take a few weeks.  The initial report shows Knabe who was presumed homeless was on his bike going the wrong way down Airline and putting himself and others in danger.  Police say, they were only able to put him in handcuffs, after deploying a taser and pepper spray.  Knabe became unresponsive and officers had to perform CPR.  Today, Police Chief, Troy Riggs says his department is looking into new ways to handle the homeless.  They are also reevaluating their use of tasers. The current policy states when an officer feels threaten, he or she may use the taser but it's all not that simple.  In a written statement to 3 News, taser technology states, "when used properly, the weapon is the most effective use of force available..to halt violent situations." As for Knabe, officers tells us, he did not have any local criminal history.  The District Attorneys office did tell us, once the investigation is complete, they will take the case to the Grand Jury.

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