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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tased By Police For Talking on A Cell Phone

Tasered While Black Publisher says: From Time-to-Time we cover issues of people tased who may not be Black. This is just that type of case. This is a case in which Boca cops Tased a millionaire developer for, get this; talking on a cell phone. I guess this millionaire has felt how black folks feel everyday when black folks get tasered for reasons that don't even reach the level of talking on the cell phone, while on the side of the road. Maybe he and other readers will provide this Tasered While Black blog with a donation to keep this blog going. For those who would be so inclined, and would like to donate, You can donate using your credit card with secure Paypal.

As reported by Adam H. Beasley, at the Miami Hearld:

Millionaire Gregory Talbott was sound asleep when Boca Raton police pulled up to his his Bentley, its engine running, early Tuesday morning.

A few minutes later, the developer would have no problem keeping awake, thanks to a 50,000-volt shock from a stun gun.

Much of the episode -- from Talbott refusing to hang up a phone call, to resisting arrest, which ended in police Tasering him -- was recorded on a patrol car's dash camera.

''Arrgghhh,'' Talbott screamed, followed by an expletive, as police, holding him down, Tasered him in the back.

Here's how cops said it happened:

It all started about 12:15 a.m. Tuesday, when police received a call regarding a suspicious black vehicle in Boca Raton. They were unable to find it at first because they were given the wrong address. Ultimately, they tracked it to 2800 NE Second Ave.

There was Talbott's 2006 Bentley, running with its headlights on, parked on the side of the road. Talbott, 53, was asleep behind the wheel, a few miles from his home at 250 NE Fifth Ave. When police woke him up, they smelled booze on his breath, noticed bloodshot eyes and heard slurred speech. Talbott told cops he didn't know where he was.

When police tried to administer a DUI test, Talbott refused. In fact, he wouldn't even end his phone call.

Here's how the conversation went: More HERE


Blake said...

Bad article name, way too sensationalist. He wasn't tasered for talking on his phone, he was tasered for resisting an officer. After all, he did GRAB the officer and refused to comply. That's why when I get pulled over I don't start barking orders or act like an asshole. I'll be the first to stand up against an oppresive police force believe me. And I HAVE been punched in the back by a police officer for standing on a public sidewalk after being told to "move along" (btw, NO I had not been drinking, I was waiting for someone.) But this guy had it coming, plain and simple. He deserved what he got, being rich doesn't entitle you to any different treatment by the police. He's been arrested for assaulting an officer before, he was yelling and grabbed the cop, big mistake.

He deserved it.

G35 Suck said...
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G35 Suck said...

What about this video where a pastor gets tased for not listening to the cops? LOL..

All these people protecting him just because he's a WHITE PASTOR?