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Friday, April 11, 2008

Tasered During Suicide Attempt.

When people are trying to kill themselves should they be tased? well according to Columbia S.C. Police he has no right to kill himself. They will gladly do it for him - with a Taser of course. You see the police tasered this man during suicide attempt.

OK, we might have it wrong, maybe just maybe police saved him by tasering him? Or maybe he had no plans to take his life.

Leroy Davis

As reported by WLTX - Columbia police were called out to the Colony Apartments Wednesday morning to talk a man out of killing himself. When he wouldn't comply with negotiators, officials say they tased him.

Authorities say that man, Leroy Davis, had been involved in a domestic dispute with his girlfriend the night before, so they were looking for him this morning.

Just before 11 a.m., a patrol officer spotted him but says Davis would not stop his car. They officers said Davis obeyed all traffic laws as he made his way to the Colony Apartments off Beltline Boulevard.

Police say the man then got out of the car and put a knife to his own throat, threatening to hurt himself. Richland County deputies were called out to assist in negotiating with Davis, but after two hours police say he started to move away from the perimeter of officials. "We were afraid he was going to try to hurt himself," a police spokesman says. Read More HERE


Urban Thought said...

This taser situation is getting out of control.

You know how the system works. You aren't allowed to take someone else's life unless you are the government. You aren't allowed to take your own life because it is against God and also against the law. If they kill you in the process of trying to prevent you from killing yourself seems better to them than you actually doing it all on your own.

KODIACK said...

Tasers rarely if ever cause death...so yeah the police did save his life. If the police just stood there and watched this guy kill himself then there would be people saying that the police are racist and allowed this distraught gentlman kill himself!!

Gunfighter said...

If the police had watched him kill himself, and done nothing to try to prevent it, they would have been liable, for nonfeasance.