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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Black Man Tasered To Death In Louisville?

Another Black Man Tasered to Death. This time in Louisville, Kentucky. As reported by The Courier-Journal.com H/T Patti G. for the link.


Isaac Bass, 34, of the 5000 block of Delaware Drive in the Newburg area, was pronounced dead at 10:40 p.m. at Norton Suburban Hospital, said Sam Weakley, a Jefferson County deputy coroner. The A man who died after Louisville police stunned him with a Taser had struck one officer with a flashlight and reached for an officer's weapon during a struggle Wednesday night, police said.

An autopsy yesterday did not establish a cause of death, and further tests will be required, Weakley said. However, he said that Bass did not die immediately after being stunned with the Taser, which is intended to deliver an incapacitating but nonlethal shock.

The incident began when officers were called to a fight about 10 p.m. on Delaware Drive involving Bass and a man whom police have identified only as Bass' brother.

Officers Keith Heselschwerdt and Larry Wagner tried to break up the fight and struggled with Bass, who hit one officer with a flashlight and reached for an officer's firearm, said Sgt. Robert Biven, a police spokesman.

One of the officers then used his Taser on Bass, Biven said.

Afterward, Bass appeared to be having a "medical emergency," said Alicia Smiley, a police spokeswoman. One officer began CPR and continued as EMS arrived.

Under department policy, "an officer is authorized to use a Taser when they have active aggression against them and people who present danger to themselves, officers or others," Biven said.

Chief Robert White said yesterday that the officer who used the Taser "was in a valid confrontation and he did everything to minimize that." White emphasized that the incident is still being investigated. More HERE

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