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Friday, July 25, 2008

Dallas Police "Electrocute another man while he suffering from hallucinations

Tasered While Black is tracking the story on how Police used a Taser to shock Richard Smith multiple times as 46-year-old dies at Dallas hospital after struggle, tasing by police. We are not sure if he was black, but from all accounts he just may have been.

Associated Press - July 25, 2008

DALLAS (AP) - A man who may have been suffering from hallucinations is dead after he had a struggle with Dallas police who tased him outside his apartment.

Dallas police identified the dead man as 46-year-old Richard Smith, who was initially outside his apartment late Wednesday, screaming, cursing and punching the air when Senior Cpl. Shawn Freeman and Officer Brenton Hughes said they arrived there.

The Dallas Morning News reports police tried to talk to him but he went back in his apartment and jumped out a second floor window. More HERE


Anonymous said...

Thank you for following the story. I am too. I am Richard's niece. Richard is a black male, and from eye witness accounts, this incident happened NOTHING like the DPD reported it to the Dallas Morning News. We ask your prayers and continued vigilance to bring such matters to the public eye. Something must be done.

AAPP said...

Our prayers are with you and your family. please contact me at:


Yohana said...

Hey I am trying to catchup with Richard's niece... He was my neighbor and very good friend... email me at yohana05(a)gmail... i have information.