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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Another "beat down and tasing " Tasered While Black

Another "police beat-down" of a black teenager. Another case caught on tape. How many don't get caught on tape? There is something going on with this folks, there is a "national beat down of the black community" and no one in the civil rights community is saying much of anything.


How many more police abuse videos can black communities across America take? How many "mini Rodney King" incidents have to occur? Do you think it's time for old school black civil rights organizations and internet activist to come together to fight against police brutality in America? How many of these videos do blacks have to see before we get angry, say enough is enough and take action. What should the action be? Marches, Demonstrations, boycotts, letter writing, a call for media to cover these abuses - what?

When are we (black folks) going to hold elected officials and police departments accountable? When are we going to begin to take class action law suits out against the state and federal government for failing to protect our civil rights? How much more tasering while black? What will it take to stop the police brutality? What?

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