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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Like the old South Africa - Tased for Not Showing I.D.

Hey, this is one we missed. As tracked and reported by Steve Watson of Infowars.net

A sixteen year old child was shocked with a Taser stun gun by police at a North Carolina school last week for failing to comply with orders to show an officer his I.D. badge.
Quayshaun Leak was tased and arrested in an incident which Richmond Senior High School has since defended as proper policy and "within appropriate bounds of the officer's authority.”

The Richmond County Daily Journal reports: Quayshaun Leak was charged with disorderly conduct by disturbing students, assault on a governmental official/employee and resisting a public officer. The incident involved the Richmond County Schools Special Police at RSHS.
During the incident Leak admits to not complying with the officers instructions, but denies giving the officer any reason to tase him.

“I didn’t give him my I.D. badge when he asked for it,” Leak said. “I threw it on the floor. And as for when he grabbed me by my shirt, I didn’t push the officer. I just shrugged away and backed up against the wall.” More HERE

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