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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gary A. Decker of Kentucky Tasered To Death By Tuscon Police

UPDATE: More tasering, not confirmed if it is a tasering of a black man - will update.

As reported by the Examiner.com and blogger Villager, Officers were called to the 50-year-old's downtown Tucson hotel room early Thursday because staff heard loud banging and music coming from his room. Sgt. Mark Robinson says they used a pass key to get inside after he wouldn't open the door.

They found the room ransacked, furniture broken and a nude Decker holding a toilet seat he had ripped from the commode. They used a Taser but it had no apparent affect and they eventually wrestled him to the ground.

H/T to blogger, Villager from the blog, Electonic Village who is reporting ... it looks like the police killed another person with their non-lethal weapon. More HERE

Get this, Police Spokesman are saying the police investigation continues and asks that anyone who may have known Decker and have information about what led up to the incident to call the TPD homicide unit at 791-4487. More HERE

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