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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who Stole the Stun Gun? Police Chief Wonders...

What We Think About Taser Abuse

Two Tasers Missing

W.Va.Gazzette -- Police Chief Brent Webster has withdrawn all the department's Taser guns from service while he works out a better way to keep track of the weapons.

In February, Webster issued a memo ordering all officers to turn in their Taser guns for inventory.

Because the city has 183 police officers, Webster can't afford to supply every single one with a Taser gun. Instead, the Tasers owned by the department are checked out when needed.

City records show that the Police Department has bought 33 Tasers since 2004. However, when all the guns were turned in, the count came up two short.

"There are two that are missing from the 33," Webster confirmed Friday. "We're not going to reissue them until we have a better mechanism [for keeping track of them.]"

The chief isn't sure yet what happened to the two Tasers, but does not believe they're on the street somewhere.

"Is theft possible? Absolutely," he said, "but this very well could be an inventory-control problem. We can't say for sure we ever had them."

Webster said department policy is to download information about each Taser onto a computer immediately on delivery to make a record of the device. More HERE

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