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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Black Woman Tased Was 8 Months Pregnant

Rewind: Remember this one - as reported by WTSP?

Alachua County, Florida - The Alachua County Sheriff's Office says a Lieutenant didn't know a mother was pregnant when he tasered her stomach. See photo HERE

A pregnant Leslie Donaldson says she was trying to help break up a fight between neighborhood kids. That's when the sheriff's deputy showed up. He tazed one of the boys fighting then said he had to taser Donaldson.

"She raised her arm to the deputy. The deputy felt threatened like she was going to hit him potentially," said Alachua County Sheriff's Lieutenant David Clark.

Clark is a certified taser instructor with the Sheriff's Office. He says when he tasered her stomach, he didn't realize she was 8 months pregnant.

Donaldson says she still has the marks on her belly.

She was arrested for battery, after she was taken to a hospital to be checked out.

Donaldson filed a report about the incident and the Sheriff's Office is investigating.



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Argh! That shucks! It is really disheartening even to see such pictures.

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What kinda bull is this come too my neck of the woods and see how long u last flashijg pics around like that