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Friday, August 14, 2009

Police Taser Whites, Latnos, Native Americans, an Latinos Too!

Let's not get it twisted. Tasering is out of control all over America and Canada. let's not thing that it's only black folks who are getting tased. No. it's everyone, the young, the old, the sick, seniors, the poor, the blacks, the poor whites, the Native Americans, the gays, the mentally ill, the latinos. We all in the same boat.

This is just
another reason for Congressional Taser Hearings.

Get this,
In January, an Onondaga County sheriffs deputy pulled over Audra Harmon, who had two of her kids with her in her minivan. A routine traffic stop escalated quickly.

Check out the video:

Get this,
as reported by NBC Local Station, WOAI, in Onondaga County, New York -- A routine traffic stop ended with a mother being tasered in front of her children.

It started after the woman was pulled over because the police officer said she was talking on her cell phone and speeding.

"I handed him my license and registration and as he started to walk back towards his car, I got out of my car under the impression or hoping that he would show me the camera tape," explained mom Audra Harmon. "He asked me to get back in the car and then he pulled out his taser and said I was under arrest. I said, 'Don't do this in front of my kids.'"

Harmon was in the car with two of her children, ages five and fifteen, when she was pulled over and ticketed for talking on her cell phone and speeding. Police officer Sean Andrews also charged her with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and tasered her twice.

"The first shot jolted me, and I was trying to get back in the car again, because I was scared," Harmon recalled. "And then he yanked me away again. And that's when he tased me, and I went down on the ground."

Harmon claims the incident is an example of police brutality. In a statement to NBC News, the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office says they can't comment because of the lawsuit. But the department said, "An internal investigation of the incident involving Deputy Andrews...is and has been under review..."

"These weapons, and they are weapons, they are so easy to use, and they're easy to abuse," said Curt Goering, Executive Director of Amnesty International. "Officers are using this weapon in circumstances where live ammunition would never be allowed, and people are dying after having been tasered."


Had enough of tasering in America? Well look at this one, HT crooks and Liars, who report about how a
NM Police Chief Tasered a 14 Yr Old Girl With Epilepsy In The Head

(photo courtesy of KOAT)

C&L has chronicled many instances of law enforcement officers misusing tasers in the past (some with deadly consequences) and this latest incident is as bad as most any I've seen yet.

A 14-year-old Tucumcari girl is recovering at an Albuquerque hospital after being shot in the head with a Taser dart by Tucucmari Police Chief Roger Hatcher.

Now, her parents say they want the police department to review its policies for using the Taser.

Her mother, Stacy Akin, said her daughter underwent surgery Friday morning at University of New Mexico hospital in Albuquerque. “One of the darts entered her skull,” said Akin, interviewed by telephone.

After a CAT scan, a hospital resident told her the dart was “in her brain a little bit, but not much,” Akin said.

Hatcher is on administrative leave at the moment, but claims he had no choice because she was running away from him toward traffic. More HERE

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Francis L. Holland Blog said...

The shocking of that 14 year-old girl: Would you say it's merely "brutal" or would you say it also rises to the level of "atrocious"?