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Monday, October 3, 2011

Videos: Taser Torture of Black Men by Effingham and Powder Springs Police

I have been meaning to report on a number of police taser torture incidents in the color aroused and bigoted state of Georgia.

Take for instance the taser torture at the hands of Georgia’s Effingham Police. 

Police video shows two of their cops sucker punching and attacking a Black man while in his car. Then comes the taser torture!

As reported by The Light NC.com Bernard Wallace was on his way home with brother Calvin Lee, when the police pulled them over on a routine traffic stop. While Lee and Wallace were arguing in the car, the police approached with guns drawn. Lee attempted to drive off while Wallace tried to cooperate. Wallace ended up being tasered and physically attacked by the police officers.

That's not the only incident. Check out this one out of Powder Springs, Georgia:

This one was out of Powder Springs, Georgia. Check this out, police are (so-called) investigating a man's claims that an officer grabbed his genitals and shocked him with a stun gun during a traffic stop, Channel 2 Action News reported last week.

"It was very frightening," 23-year-old Brice Wilson told Channel 2.

As reported by the AJC, Wilson said the officer pulled him over at the intersection of Old Austell Road and Atlanta Street because his license plate light was out. The officer then asked Wilson to step out of his vehicle because he smelled marijuana. Wilson denied having any marijuana and none was ever found, the report said.

After the officer called for backup, the dashcam video of the incident appears to show the officer grabbing Wilson's genitals while searching him. Wilson grabbed the officer's hand before being put into a chokehold and subdued by both officers. The officers said they used a stun gun because Wilson wouldn't be still. Wilson still faces a resisting arrest charge, the report said.

"Once we became aware of the incident we immediately launched an internal affairs investigation," Maj. Matt Boyd told Channel 2.  More HERE

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