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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tasered to death for drinking a beer

What We Think About Taser Abuse

In yet another shocking taser death, as reported by the Chicago tribune and the Chicago Breaking News.com, a man died today after Chicago police shot him with a taser gun. Get this as usual, police alledge that the victim approached officers with "a sharp-edged object" during a confrontation on the West Side, police said.

There is more folks, Police alledge that the man also had ingested drugs just prior to the confrontation, which may have contributed to the death. Hmm...

About 2 p.m., officers on bike patrol were in the area of North Leclaire Avenue and West Washington Boulevard when they saw a man, believed to be in his 30s, who appeared erratic and drinking from an open bottle, police said.

As police approached the man, he fled and a chase began. "The man was apprehended and became combative with what appeared to be a sharp-edged object, thrashing at officers," Chicago police spokeswoman Monique Bond said. "The subject resisted arrest and was subdued with a taser discharge."

Bond said it also appears the man ingested an "unknown amount of narcotics" right before he died. The Cook County medical examiner's office said the man's identity was unknown and that an autopsy was pending. More HERE

What We Think About Taser Abuse

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