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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Watch Out for Charlotte/Mecklenburg Police, You Could Get Tasered

As reported by the website, Best Stun Gun.com, Last year police officers in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg reportedly used Tasers about seven times more frequently than for pepper spray.

In 2007 they used stun guns about 140 times. During the same time frame they used pepper spray only about 20 times.

Due to three Taser-related deaths in recent cases, the devices and their usage are being studied. Current data indicates that this is the third year in which Taser usage has been stepped up as pepper spray has gone down.

Although pepper spray has been used by local authorities since the 1970s, its usage has decreased largely because of the limitations. On the other hand, law enforcement professionals prefer Tasers because they are both safe and effective when needed to bring an end to dangerous situations.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Deputy Chief Ken Miller met with the Police department committee to begin investigating the Taser usage increase. Their plan is to analyze the written accounts of each incident in an effort to figure out why individual officers chose Tasers instead of any of several other options. Read More HERE

What We Think About Taser Abuse

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We are not against taser use as an alternative to deadly force. We are however against taser abuse by police who would use of a taser on the young, elderly, pregnant or physically frail; people offering passive, rather than active resistance; and restrained prisoners.

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