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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tasered While Mentally Ill? The Danny Rowe Story

The Danny Rowe Story

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Danny Rowe charged in a violent incident with police on August 3rd, 2008. Tasered an estimated 12-14 times; my father was told the police involved laughed at me as they shot me with the taser gun at will in the police station. The incident took place on Caroline St in downtown Saratoga Springs, New York. I believe I was targeted by special forces, who put a black man being through a window of which triggered my mental illness. They sexually groomed me in Jail under 1-1 supervision. I cried like a baby.

A classic bazaar episode of mental illness triggered by the violence, and hate. Having a firm awareness of my mental illness experiences in my life, it is easier for myself than New York state to recognize. I know how bad I sound, and can’t quite figure out how I am at this point; but, hopeful communication of my problems will make things get better. Doctors cut out my adrenal gland during surgery early this spring 2008. They removed an adrenal gland believing to be fat, and possible the source of great amount of physical and emotional pain that has landed me in the emergency room four times over the past twelve months. Adrenal glands regulate adrenaline, hormones, and a variety of other complex body functions normally releasing the chemical evenly being located above the kidneys. I have been on five different prescription medications during 2008 including Ambien, Paxil, lithium, Hyrdochodine, and at one point an anitpyschotic medication.

I made poor choices; but, most of my bad choices were when I was much younger. I work hard to be a good person, and have a much more challenging emotional struggle than you could imagine. I apologize for all the people I have hurt, and those that continue to hurt from this incident or any incident. I apologize to all the officers involved. The police man is still injured, and the department is under multiple investigations. Rowe’s skull was crushed against the curb by the foot of an angry police officer taking street justice.

Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy has a long record of good deeds. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the all the good work his office does; but, deep disappointment and concern for the moral grounds I have been targeted under. James Murphy authorizes special favors, and even pays convicted felons for information. Paying Felons for information is very dangerous. Saratoga County has programs that target the very existence of previously convicted persons; despite the crimes having been paid to society. A tooth brush is a luxery in jail and not issued to inmates in Saratoga county. I was unable to brush my teeth during my three day stay. I had to have several of my teeth polished due to the tremendous amount of scraped teeth from the incident. I have paid for all my crimes, and live an honest life. I am not perfect, and programs targeting my existence are a violation of my constitutional rights.

I am the proud sponsr of two childre through Christian’s Children’s Fund. I had just received a settlement from falling off the roof, and gave around $1500 to charity in August and well over $2000 so far in 2008 to charitable causes.

Saratoga Springs Police Department is the police department involved.

Comments below found at above legal defense website offering advice on Mental Health defense, and rights. The history of medication reactions/a recent change in medications/a recent change in fluid intake/loss of weight causes a change in the behavior is not using “a” or “the mental illness as a defense”. It is the change in behavior caused by a change in the medication that may be considered “a defense”. And Rmet was right on about that being the Public Defender’s area of expertise.



topstockblog said...

Thank you for the link, I appreciate your support.


Anonymous said...

I happen to know from first hand experience that the DA Jim Murphy does not allow "special favors" or pay for information. In fact, as a member of the chamber of commerce who is involved in the TIPs line, the DA was unbending about the fact that he would not have contact with any money or be resonsible for deciding if people with information should or should not get paid. That decision is up to the police and the members of the chamber of commerce. I've heard people who know Jim Murphy who have tried to contact him for a deal have been rejected or ignored. He's fair and impartial. I think he is beyond anyone getting to him. And thank God for that....I heard him speak at the NAACP the other night. He's great.