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Friday, February 1, 2008

Police forces should recognize TASERs and other electro-shock weapons as deadly force

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One should recognize one simple fact about TASERS...they produce and conduct electricity then direct that powerful current into a human body when fired. Electric shock has been proven deadly to humans and beasts alike. What sense does it make to not recognize something factually deadly to any man, woman, or child as deadly force?

Searing heat which can cause third degree surface burns, singeing, and hemorrhaging, and organ damage is a byproduct of electric shock. The voltage of a TASER can produce such heat when used repeatedly or for extended periods of time without proper discretion. Those who do not recognize these facts are doomed to commit such heinous acts as multiple degrees of homicide under the false pretense of a "safe weapon" to use when apprehending social threats. Only those with limited values of human life could avoid recognizing a deadly weapon for what it is, rather they acknowledge it only as a tool for disciplining misbehaving citizens.

Under the right circumstances a TASER can prove an instant threat to an individual's life. An officer subduing a fleeing man in the rain or on wet terrain could kill the prisoner immediately. Let's assume the fleeing man was actually innocent of the crime he was accused of and ran out of shock and fear which resulted from a common failure to think rationally. This is an instance that can occur quite often. A trigger happy officer could, and very likely would, kill many people with the use of electricity. In terms of law enforcement a TASER is no different than a gun...only the ammunition used is worth recognizing as a difference.

I, as well as many others, believe TASERS should be recognized as deadly force and users of such weaponry should follow the same guidelines they would follow as with a pistol, rifle, or shotgun.

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