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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lone Star Taser - Rethinking Tasers - San Angelo Police Department

Source: San Angelo Live

Check out this article on the need for San Angelo Police Department to rethink Tasers. Based on the article, R
epresentative Lon Burnam (D-Fort Worth) filed four bills in the Texas House last session concerning Tasers.

One that fared especially well in a hearing called for some sort of reporting mechanism on police Taser deployment so that a database could reveal usage trends. Burnam staffer Doug Lewin says such a database would quantify how often Tasers are deployed, and whether they’ve reduced the incidence of police firearm usage (some Taser proponents argue they do.

Another bill aimed to standardize and mandate Taser training for law enforcement. That one didn’t move beyond the committee level.
None of the bills passed by the time the session ended last May. Lewin’s reasoning? Congressmen don’t like to appear soft on crime.

Read the full article HERE


Villager said...

Thank you for bringing this updated information to us. It is important that we consider alternatives that will ensure that tasers are only used when appropriate. I'm sorry that the legislation didn't get passed. Hopefully, he will re-introduce it again next year. Have you reached out to the sponsoring legislator to inform him or his staff about your blog? Perhaps he will want to send you a statement to post...

peace, Villager

Samsara said...

Indeed thank you for this.

Did you happen to see that Brattleboro Vermont has made a new taser policy regarding their taser use?

Good for doing it. Bad for needing to policy common sense.

Oh yeah. And "Ban Tasers!" My stance is that the police have proven they cannot use tasers meritoriously and responsibly.

Thanks for your taser reporting.