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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Woman Tasered "While Crying" In Her Own Car

Tasered While Black says: This incident sounds so suspicious, what do you think? We wonder if she is black? Black or White she was treated like she was black.

Clarissa Carol Simpson faces charges of criminal recklessness, hit and run.

Georgette Senter
The News-Dispatch

MICHIGAN CITY - A woman is facing several charges after running her car into several squad cars in the parking lot of 1st Trust Credit Union on Tuesday afternoon.

Clarissa Carol Simpson, 27, Michigan City, had allegedly been arguing with her husband in the credit union, prompting a call to authorities.

Responding officers found Simpson, 2310 Normandy Drive, Apartment 2A, in the driver's seat of her 1993 Buick Century.

The couple had already left the building and continued arguing in the parking lot. Before police arrived the husband had left. Simpson remained and was uncooperative with police.

Officer Ronald Skibins arrived to find Officers Kevin Urbanczyk and Jillian Ashley trying to get Simpson from her car.

Urbanczyk was at the driver's side window while Ashley was at the passenger side. Simpson would not roll her window down or answer questions from police.

Ashley finally got the woman to provide her driver's license and while the officers were in their squad car, Simpson tried to leave.

After backing her car into Urbanczyk and Ashley's squad car, Simpson then tried to leave the parking lot. Skibins pulled his squad car across the exit to block her attempt to enter U.S. 20 while Urbanczyk pulled up behind, blocking her retreat, according to police reports.

Skibins was unsuccessful in getting Simpson to cooperate, which led to him breaking out the driver's side window of Simpson's car and using his Taser on her. After two Tasers to her upper chest, Simpson was dragged from the car and put face down on the ground.

Skibins reported the woman continued to struggle, and Urbanczyk pulled his Taser and used it. Simpson was Tasered twice more before she could be handcuffed.

La Porte County Emergency Medical Service was at the scene. Simpson was taken to St. Anthony Memorial Health Centers were she was checked for injury but doctors admitted her for observation.

When Simpson is released from the hospital she will be charged with criminal recklessness, hit and run, and resisting law enforcement, all Class A misdemeanors and a Class D felony resisting law enforcement.

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