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Friday, December 28, 2007

1 Fired and 4 others Disciplined! For Tasering A Pregnant Black Women

Officer Fired 4 others Disciplined

You remember The Black Pregnant Black Women who was tasered in Ohio. The Tasering occurred Nov. 18 when Valreca Redden, 33, went to the police department and asked officers to take custody of her 1-year-old son, the report said. well here is some good news.

Source: WCPO.com

A probationary police officer who shocked a pregnant woman with a stun gun has been fired, and four others have been disciplined following a departmental investigation, the safety director in this Dayton suburb said Friday.

Officer Michael Wilmer, who joined the police department in December 2006, had already been terminated for unrelated reasons, which included driving city-owned vehicles at excessive speeds and posting unauthorized pictures on his MySpace.com account, said Safety Director Michael Etter.

The investigative report prepared by Trotwood Police Maj. Quincy Pope said Wilmer was justified in using a Taser stun gun to subdue the woman but committed an error in judgment and violated department policy by administering the device to the woman's neck, an area reserved for the most violent subjects.

Wilmer also failed to summon medical help or ensure that photographs were taken and documented inaccurate information, all in violation of policy, the report said.

Sgt. Richard Wright was suspended for one day for failing to see that photographs were taken of the woman's neck and to ensure that she received medical evaluation.

Another sergeant was given a written reprimand for disseminating unprofessional messages, Etter said. An officer received a reprimand for failing to document a domestic violence complaint, and another officer was given a counseling form for failing to properly log the use of a stun gun, Etter said.

He said all the disciplinary measures had been served. More HERE

Black Accountability Project: The firing and disciplinary action would not have happened if there were no video and no bloggers like Tasered While Black.

1 comment:

George Malik al-Mahdi said...

When you originally wished everyone a "taser-free holiday season", I laughed myself inside out, because I thought it was something said out of humor.

Now, I think of tasering from a whole different perspective. These white boys in police departments have a new "toy" with which they can abuse people of Color, and poor whites; And they're completely out of control.

No more laughs here.