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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cop Uses Taser Gun On 18 year old Black Man Who Refused Urine Sample

And you thought you heard it all. No, this one is serious crazy. Check this out! An Orlando Cop Used A Taser Gun On Man Who Refused to provide a Urine Sample Yes, back on or about March 9, 2005 - Orlando police arrested Antonio Wheeler on a drug charge and took him to an emergency room because Wheeler claimed he had eaten cocaine.

The Story In Pictures: Man Describes Incident

Once at the hospital, Wheeler was asked to give a urine sample. When he refused, he was handcuffed to a hospital bed.The medical staff at Florida Hospital then tried to insert a catheter to get the sample.Wheeler started thrashing around, so police shocked him with a Taser gun twice, officials said.Wheeler said he resisted their efforts to insert a catheter in him because he was afraid he would be hurt. He said his arms were pinned up by his shoulders."(My) legs were pulled down and strapped to the mat. I could not move. He Tased me," Wheeler said.He said when he yelled for help, the officer climbed on top of him and ordered him to shut up."He was on top of me, with the Taser. Before he jumped on me, he said, 'I guess I have to do this the old-fashioned way,'" Wheeler said.After he was stunned with the Taser gun for the second time, Wheeler said he provided the urine sample.In his report, Officer Peter Linnenkamp admits using two short Taser bursts to get Wheeler to calm down and produce a urine sample. Only the minimum force necessary was used, Linnenkamp reported."This attempt was deemed medically necessary by the staff," he said.The report does not state, however, why it was medically necessary.Attorney Tom Luka, a Taser critic, has filed more than six civil lawsuits against police agencies for excessive force. In this case, he said the Taser gun was used to force Wheeler to give evidence, not as part of medically necessary treatment. More HERE

Cop Charged For Using Taser Gun On Suspect In Hospital Bed

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jospeh said...

Is that true? Why would the police man use a taser gun for the kid who refused to give a urine sample. Maybe the kid was using drugs. however, that's not right to force him by using a taser gun.

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