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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Taser Nation: Tasing Toture Exposed

It's great that Electronic village, Black Agenda Report, Field Negro, Police Brutality Blog, and so many other afrospesr bloggers are following this issue. The Freedom Rider: Taser Nation article is provides more information on tasing and what African American Political Pundit calls the Tasered While Black issue. Hat tip: Margaret Kimberley.

Freedom Rider: Taser Nation

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret KimberleyFRBigWhiteCopPoints

A country that employs torture as an instrument of national policy should be expected to do the same on the local law enforcement level. The reverse is also true. The United States, with its long legacy of subjecting society’s “Others” to systemic violence, now elevates pain to a kind of universal principle, spreading torture and “rendition” as institutionalized components of its global offensive. Now the domestic legacy and foreign policy combine to trickle down upon previously immune white citizens, in the form of Taser-torture. Tasers, once defended as life-saving alternatives to police use of deadly force, have become weapons of arbitrary, sadistic choice. The circle of pain is complete.



AJ said...

Here is yet another incident:


Could you provide a way for us to submit incidents as they come across?

AAPP said...

AJ, great suggestion. I will create a link.