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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Black Woman Bartender Tased after customer throws a drink in her face.

Bartender says she's 'just so scarred' after Taser incident

Source:Palm Beach Post

This bartender, who prefers not to be identified, was hit by a Taser shot after she yelled at officers for not arresting a customer who had thrown a drink in her face.

And the bartender's life hasn't been the same since.

As the music thumped at Club Prestige one night in September, a man stepped from the crowd and asked the bartender for a cup of water.

It'll cost $2, she told him. Irked by the charge, he flung the water in her face.

She wishes she hadn't reacted the way she did, wishes she had ignored the insult, wishes she had wiped her face and gone home.

But she didn't, and has the scars and debt to show for it.

According to the bartender, a 27-year-old mother who requested anonymity, here is what happened:

She told her fianc, who was also in the club, about the man who splashed her. He confronted the man. Fearing a fight, she ran for help.

"I made the fateful mistake of going outside to get the police," she said.

Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies, who were working off-duty security details at the Lantana-area club, which is now closed, told the man who threw the water to leave. The bartender and her fianc got irate. How can you let him go, they yelled.

The deputies repeatedly told the bartender to calm down and lower her voice. She didn't. Standing outside the club, she continued yelling at them.

One standing several feet away hit her with his Taser. One prong lodged in her left breast. The other went into her abdomen. She fell to the sidewalk, flailing.

"I thought he had shot me with a gun. I actually looked down to see if there was blood," she said, calling the pain indescribable. More HERE

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