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Saturday, December 29, 2007

African-American Man Tasered While Black and Killed While Addicted To Crack

Drug use is an addiction. It's a medical problem right? So why did Keith L. White addiction cause him to be electrocuted by police? Of course the Coroner who say he was not killed by the taser to protect the police. Now the Coroner Blames Death On Excited Delirium.

Watch out, if your addicted to Crack Cocaine, you could be electrocuted on the spot in America. Or Tasered While addicted to Crack.

Keith White

Cocaine, not a Taser gun, killed a man who died after a struggle with police, the Wyandotte County coroner said Monday.Keith L. White, 44, -- whose family said he was a drug user -- died after police shocked him with a Taser gun as they tried to arrest him on Oct. 1.White had gone behind a church near North 57th Terrace and Nogard Avenue to smoke crack, his family said.When police tried to arrest him, White ran into a nearby creek and started fighting with officers, according authorities. More HERE

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