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Friday, December 21, 2007

Tasered While A Black Man calling for Help

A Big Dallas H/T: Shawn Williams of the Dallas South Blog and International internet Afrospear activist Francis Holland for this story.

Dallas area man hit with stun gun after calling 911 for seizure


Shawn Williams of the AfroSpear's Dallas South blog reports that,

Jon Nielsen of the Dallas Morning News tells the story of a Waxahachie man who was shocked twice by a stun gun after police responded to a diabetic seizure call. This event occurred last April, as more and more stun gun abuses are coming to light.

According to Nielsen, court records claim that police entered the home in the 700 block of Perry Street in Waxahachie without a search warrant, twice shocked Mr. Nelms with a stun gun, laughed at him and left him on a bedroom floor.

Mr. Helms story is not at all unique. There have been a number of taser incidents this year involving African-Americans. Just a few examples: (See the AfroSpear's Dallas South blog for the additional examples.)

1 comment:

tyler said...

now that is bullshit, there was a misunderstanding in the call, they thought he was an intruder, for an intruder no warrant is needed. when he did not get on his stomach and put his hands behind his back of course he was tasered. there was absolutely no laughing, y'all are just saying that so you can call al sharpton, and consider it RACISM!! (i didn't put reverend because he is a racist and is no reverend of mine) oh my goodness. the WPD is a fine department, i am going to become a Waxahachie police officer when i am grown.