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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tasered While Black Video Channel

Tasered While Black blog has launched its new video channel where people can upload videos related to the tasing of blacks - all videos will be screened and approved.

Bloggers are encouraged to join The Tasered While Black Video Channel today. Don't forget to provide webcam as a AfroSpear Freedom Technology Christmas or Kwanza gift to someone who has a computer but just does not have a webcam. Webcam's are very economically now, they go for as little as $30.00 Consider giving a gift to economically disadvantaged youth or a low-income senior to connect to others via the internet. We want our communities to begin to broadcast their opinions and solutions on the important issue of the tasing of black folks across America. You are also encouraged to visit the new Tasered While Black Video Channel and join today! Leave a video message if you have a webcam, or buy one as a AfroSpear Freedom Technology Christmas gift for a family member or for yourself.

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