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Sunday, December 16, 2007

thank You for the links!

Hat tip and huge shout out to so many bloggers who have provided links to this site. First a Huge shout outs to villager at
Electronic village and The Field Negro for providing your ongoing link to our site, and for keeping it real! Speaking of Keeping it Real, Francis Holland and his Police Brutality Blogis a must read blog, as is The Field Negro, African American Opinion and Social Networking Francis Holland's Blog and Electronic village.

Let us not forget the blog Taser of the Day for linking to our site. Thank You half a bubble off plumb: December 200 along with the blog Sistah Goddess for the link. Also big big shout out to Over Analyze It for linking to this blog early! Also a hat tip to Steve D at
booman Tribune who provided a link to our new Blog this blog has provided an opportunity for us peel through the tasering issue. One reader Indiana Daily Student has tracked some of the tasering incidents and reports on another tasing death here:

From the Indiana Daily Student:

Borden, 47, died the evening of Nov. 6, 2003, while being booked into the Monroe County Jail after he was arrested for violating his probation by Lawrence County Police Department training officer John Potter.

According to police and Emergency Medical Services reports, Borden was incoherent and disoriented when he was taken into custody at the Monroe County Jail after the arresting officers spoke with the Lawrence County Probation Department and ambulance personnel -- against advice from EMS, who urged officers to seek medical attention for him.

Borden was shocked multiple times with a taser by Monroe County Officer David Shaw for being uncooperative, according to police reports.

After lying unresponsive on the floor, Borden received medical attention from a jail nurse. Ten minutes later a Bloomington Hospital team arrived, and shortly thereafter, Borden's body was carried out of the jail on a stretcher.

Monroe County Coroner David W. Toumey previously told the Indiana Daily Student in a Dec. 15, 2003, story that Borden died of a heart attack, drug intoxication and electrical shock.

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